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International award-winning photographer Mark Kirkland offers exclusive photography workshops and classes that will increase your knowledge and your passion for photography. There is no such thing as a "lucky shot" in photography. A lucky shot would be getting a beautiful photograph of the Maroon Bells while sitting in your basement. Good photography happens when you get up early, make the trek, plan the shot and pray for divine intervention. Join me for one of these life-changing workshops and perhaps you will take home the shot of a lifetime.


wild-horses-wyomingI've traveled far and wide, and photographed a multitude of critters, but nothing has taken my breath away like the wild horses of America. There is something so spiritual about these animals. All the odds are against the wild horses in today's world. Pharmaceutical, oil, and dog food industries all have their sights set on American wild horses. The adoption programs appear, on the surface, to be a perfect solution. However, less than four percent of the animals put up for adoption find homes, the rest are slaughtered. Wild horse photography is simply something that cannot be put off.

Schedule: Spring/Fall

Location: Southern Wyoming

No transportation provided

Investment: $450 per day


coastal-brown-bears-alaskaThe largest of all the grizzly bear species is the Coastal Brown Bear. The Coastal Brown Bear makes his home on the shores of Alaska, where abundant food supplies fuel these enormous beasts. A typical July day will have 20 hours of sunlight, which means 20 hours of photography. We will literally have to force ourselves to sleep. The private base camp facilities are ideal for comfort and remote access. This is the opportunity you have been looking for to learn all there is to know about digital photography and the new equipment you have recently purchased. There is no rival on earth for the conditions and opportunities photographing these magnificent animals. Each day will produce memories and images that will be cherished forever.

6 days/5 nights

Schedule: Summer Only

Location: Katmai National Park, Alaska

Round-trip from Homer, Alaska, and meals are provided.

Investment: Call for current rates


wolves-wildlifeA person could spend a lifetime just trying to get close enough to one wolf with a very long lens to capture a decent photograph. Join me for this rare opportunity for classroom and field instruction. We'll learn the basic components of wildlife photography. Anticipation, depth of field, shutter-speed, composition, and tactics will all be addressed. On-site critique of your images is included in this exciting half-day workshop.

Wolves, Foxes and Coyotes

Schedule: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall

Location: Near Divide, Colorado

No transportation provided

Investment: $350 per half day


Mark is available to teach classes to groups and individuals. You will find his teaching style patient, thorough and friendly. Whether you are a novice, or just in need of a brush-up, Mark will help you to move to the next level. CONTACT US today for information on the following classes:

• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe InDesign

• Dreamweaver

• Digital Work Flow

• 35mm Photography

• Digital Photography

• Advanced Digital Photography

• Garden & Wildflower Photography

• Wildlife Photography

If you do not see your interest in the list above, please ask, maybe Mark can direct you to another instructor.


Mark is also available to speak, teach or give a class to your club or organization.

• Garden & Wildflower Photography

• Wildlife Photography

• Digital Photography

• And many more topics available.

E-mail for more details on any of these

exciting workshops, classes or presentations.

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