How to Prepare for Family Photo Session

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At Kirkland Photography, we consider it an honor to photograph your family. Our award-winning photographic skills will be evident in each of your family portraits. Tasteful lighting and posing will bring out the very best of your family. We offer our family portraits printed photographically or on canvas. Let us create an heirloom for your family this year.

With our Extended Family Sessions, we will photograph all the groups within your family. Our portraits are sure to be treasured by your family for generations.

Studio, Outdoor, and Combination Sessions are available to suit your family’s needs. We will also travel to your special location upon request.


Choose your clothing with care and variety.
• Nothing sleeveless.
• Darker colors are better.
• Avoid any patterns or stripes.
• Your shoes are important.
• Ladies, don’t forget to paint your nails.
• When it comes to makeup, less is more.
• Lip gloss is a plus.
• Bring a brush or comb.

Consider having both a formal and a casual portrait made at your family session.

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