I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Mark on many occasions, both in the classroom and in the field.  I’ve taken courses from him through my employer including Photoshop and Digital Camera Mastery. I have taken previous Photoshop courses from other Instructors and I’m amazed at how much more I learned in just one of Mark’s classes than all of the others combined! He helped me to apply what I’ve learned in real life situations, making it much easier to remember and use. I’ve also taken courses from him in the field to learn more about photographing wildlife.  His energy, enjoyment of teaching, and attention to detail make learning from him a true pleasure!  During the wildlife photography class, watching him work was invaluable to me.  His respect for the animals and knowledge of their behaviors as well as his patience makes a very powerful impact.  Mark is able to capture the beauty and spirit of each animal and takes the most beautiful shots I’ve seen.  His knowledge of the animals, combined with his technical and compositional tips helped me take better photos as the day progressed. Mark's suggestions about watching each animal and looking for animal behaviors and interaction resulted in photographs I could be proud of rather than just “snapshots.” The knowledge I gained from him through tips, ideas, hands on learning and encouragement has improved my skills of photography that will be priceless to me for a lifetime!

Theresa Blomgren, Colorado Springs Utilities,

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