When we told the girls (ages 14 & 15) that we were going to have our pictures taken for a Christmas card, they were less than enthusiastic. However we all agreed it was time for a family photograph. I leafed through the yellow pages in the Tri Lakes Directory. After getting a couple of answering machines, I tried Mark Kirkland Photography. Mark answered and I felt good about the personal attention he gave and so I made an appointment.

The kids came to the session with some reluctance. All that changed after a few minutes with Mark. He had them relaxed, laughing and having a great time before we knew it. I never use the word "awesome," but that is the best word I know to describe the many beautiful pictures he took of the girls and the family. He was able to bring out their beauty and their love for each other. He even was able to help make us tired old parents look good. We were able to have a family portrait on the front of the card, a photo of the girls on the inside cover, a wonderful Christmas message and on the back a picture of the girls relaxed, happy and hugging each other. Everyone comments about this amazing card, saying they have never seen another one like it.

Thank you, Mark. You built up the girls self images and gave us memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for the beautiful way you touched our lives.

Carolyn C.,

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